How Orlovsky Consulting GbR work in projects?

Dear visitor, so you wish to know how we do the work? 

Our company works only with direct client or clients, all other intermediary parties (not direct clients) must negotiate with us good deals and terms or don't contact us especially for cases where you as company have no other options, so think about.
Let’s discuss first what you looking for?Most times companies looking for solutions for the given problems which they have.
Orlovsky Consulting GbR would provide own IT consultants, which would analyze and prepare implementation plans how to solve your current challenges.

Consider following: Requirements engineering is a work and it is always our first contract which you need to sign with us Orlovsky Consulting GbR in order to get an accurate estimate what can be done in the next step.
This initial first contract work would provide you a real value, which allow you to estimate for how much and how long it would take to implement.
 At Orlovsky Consulting GbR we have McKinsey like mindset and we see big value for our client in our presentations and actual work.
After your company received the presentation during the first contract work. 

You will know following:
  • Good estimate about whole work.
  • Outlook of possible outcomes.
  • Evaluation of what you gain, when the work is done.
  • Different approaches how to solve your current problems.
  • Different payment plans for the work of Orlovsky Consulting GbR at your company.
Some clients would say:
"Well I don’t need such estimation work we are agile or already done such estimate work."
We consider requirements engineering as very important and crucial for a success of our clients.

We at Orlovsky Consulting GbR strongly believe in following:
Without requirements estimation work it is impossible to have and claime honest estimate and provide best services for our clients.