[CompanyGrow] Why we created forum in the first place?

Here we would inform the public about new and great projects and post public press information.
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[CompanyGrow] Why we created forum in the first place?

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We at Orlovsky Consulting GbR trying to deliver the best possible services.

for our clients and us it's very important to stay in contact and we want to give such nice opportunity trough creating and further maintaining of this forum.

We all know , that email not fast enough and phones are not responding fast enough and we understand that business must run in 24/7 manner and there always some critical issues which our clients need to resolve.

The hosting service bplaced.net on which this forum runs, are friendly enough to allow us Orlovsky Consulting GbR to run such free service platform, so if you as our client have some urgent matter always use a private message function on this forum to "speed up" your contact request.

Please don’t post any private company or yours sensitive information or data!

If you see confidential information on this forum, immediately report such post.
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