[ConcernedAbout] How to create a topic at aorl0911.bplaced.net ??

Here you can write anything , which cant be posted otherwise (Please, no illegal stuff or any rude language)!
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[ConcernedAbout] How to create a topic at aorl0911.bplaced.net ??

Post by Svetlnbq »

Need help ??
I can't write to the topic.
Thank you.

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AlexanderOrlovskyCEO Germany
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Re: How to create a topic at aorl0911.bplaced.net ??

Post by AlexanderOrlovskyCEO »

Welcome to forum, well some spammer's did abused my platform in the past, i was forced to limit amount of posts for new registered users. (This not apply for users groups and some subforums)

So anyone who new registered can't post before being pre moderated by me or by one of the mods and
only after some amount of topics which make sense to me and my company only then such user will be counted as active member of this forum and then can post without any additional premoderation.
My best advise you start with groups and after some time you can post in the forums of my company.

You need to gain our trust and behave yourself according to the rules, some sections of this business forum have special rules, so you should follow them too.

In any case, if you post advertisement you need to specify:
  1. Name of the company
  2. Organisation
  3. Individual who is responsible for the offer. 
  4. Name of country should be provided too.
Additionally in your profile dont forget to mention the affiliation to any organizations (corporation,company, government or state that you a private person) 

So play nice and follow the rules!

This is only way how you can be allowed to post on this business forum your advertisement/s!
(NO exceptions allowed)

On this forum exist a whole subforum for the advertisements, but somehow people just ignore it....


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