[PoliticalStatement/PolitischeAussage] New goverment covid regulations.

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[PoliticalStatement/PolitischeAussage] New goverment covid regulations.

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Somehow we all at the point of no return, but i personally believe , that making a law for the vaccine is a stupid idea, not all population is genetically capable to take such radical innovation, we in EU doing something wrong, because many people and me included already fully vaccinated and still there lots of people in hospitals which are almost 100% infected with covid.
How to avoid this , information, information , information ,
People should take mask on , i put even special protection glasses
Clean hands , dont eat outside , if order food take it with yourself and it at home.
What governments should do more , they should provide real data and show it , how many people vaccinated and not vaccinated died since first covid waves.
EU doing bad job of handling such situation, my hope is as soon as new German government is established better regulation would happen and the whole world would see how to solve this crisis.
My advise to all keep mask on public and do wash hand thoroughly.

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