Short story about me ;)

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Short story about me ;)

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My name is Alexander Orlovsky, i am stockholder of consulting company based in Germany , Bavaria.

Speaking about my background:

I am certified Oracle java programmer and have former professional education as software developer trainee at SUSE Linux Products GmbH.
Further more, i am part time student at Hagen remote University , where i study computer science (Bachelor degree).
I have lots and lots online training certificates, look at my instagram here if you interested.

I began my career many years ago as a working student as software tester and software developer, but i always had many learning activities in regards to Java and into programming as general interests and now after many years of working as freelancer and starting from 2019 as CEO of a consulting company i ask myself: do i think that all IT industry is easy to deal with?

"The answer" is not simple , neither hard to give.

I actually fascinating on daily basis, about that there so many things to try and to learn, basically even with current situation in the world, there a lot things to do as software developer, tester, business analyst and software world still live and kicking.
We just starting real digital transformation, there would be lots of things to unit test and develop, even in Java Script world. :P

If you interested to work with my company, feel free and send your inquiry via contact form on this forum or via official company site of my company.

I love to write and configure software and i love testing, software quality very important to me.
Test driven development is my main tool to solve all software engineering problems!
I work by the agile manifesto: working software over comprehensive documentation.

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